Management of your grove, including trimming, fertilizing, and much more.

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For all your fruit harvesting needs. Our crew is experienced in many tropical fruits such as avocado, carambola, lychee, longan, etc.

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Environmental Services


Tropical plants available for order including, but not limited to, avocado, mango, and dragon fruit.

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Irrigation services available for all your needs in your grove.

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Start your grove or beautify your home or business with our planting services.

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Landscaping services and design are available with our experienced staff for all tree and plant needs

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In addition to these “end-to-end” services, we also are available to assist the owner with the following:

  • Obtaining water-use permits
  • Gathering and reporting information required by water-use permits
  • Supplying tree count information for tax assessments and Government Agricultural programs
  • Tracking chemical usage as required by the Regulatory Agencies
  • Assisting in obtaining specialized insurance (liability, crop, tree, etc.)
  • Assisting in obtaining and maintaining agricultural status on your land

GSI is an full service company.

We a full service company that can assist in all your needs in and out of the grove. We are experts in grove development, irrigation, care taking, harvesting, and landscaping.

Over 50 years of service.

GSI has been in service for over 50 years and has experience in all aspects of grove development. We are constantly looking for new ways and methods to ensure our service is the best for your grove.

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