Grove Services Inc firmly believes in a hands-on approach to management. As well as the day-to-day operation of Grove Services Inc. is also in constant contact with our grove owners giving them guidance as to what to do and expect from their crop. Each owner is important to us, so by providing them with the most up to date information available, it makes decision making much easier.

A topper machine used in maintenance of the groves we service.

We use a long-term approach in our management/caretaking services. We recognize a grove represents a substantial investment to the owners and the objective is to maximize the return on their investment. This is achieved by focusing on what is best for the grove over a long-term period.

At GSI we design and utilize a Strategic Plan for the grove. This utilizes the collective knowledge of management regarding the future productivity of the grove, while taking into consideration changes in the industry.

Our management/care taking is a complete service. This includes fertilizing, herbiciding, spraying, mowing and nutritional applications, as well as tree removal, reset planting, irrigation (etc.). We also repair and maintain the irrigation system and provide maintenance to a customer’s equipment, as well as (pump house, wells, etc.). We also ensure that the irrigation system is ready in the event of a cold weather event.

In addition to these “end-to-end” services, we also are available to assist the owner with the following:

  • Obtaining water-use permits
  • Gathering and reporting information required by water-use permits
  • Supplying tree count information for tax assessments and Government Agricultural programs
  • Tracking chemical usage as required by the Regulatory Agencies
  • Assisting in obtaining specialized insurance (liability, crop, tree, etc.)
  • Assisting in obtaining and maintaining agricultural status on your land

In performing all of these tasks, we recognize the need to have regular communication with the owner during the year. Our experienced office staff is available daily to answer any questions which may arise.

GSI has working relationships with many of the local area packinghouses. Our constant contact during the harvesting season is important to keep the owners informed on the market trends and the harvesting schedules

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